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Animal welfare successes in April


Spreading awareness and empowering change: here are some of the ways you helped make an impact this April.

Pig You spread the message of factory farming to an international food fair 

Asia’s biggest International Food and Hospitality Fair, the AAHAR 2023, was used as a platform to deliver our message on factory farming, and how it needs to be transformed. By supporting long-lasting plant-based solutions that are both sustainable and accessible, we can transform the food systems and ensure the animals within them are treated with respect. 

Pig You encouraged another significant sign-up to our Wildlife-friendly medicine pledge 

The latest pharmaceutical company to take our Wildlife – not medicine pledge is Traditional Chinese Medicine clinic, Ren Zhen TCM. This is a significant sign-up as this modern clinic covers an area of 1,000+ square metres and is a training base for local medical universities. By taking this pledge, they are committing to researching, producing and prescribing products that do not contain ingredients from wild animals. 

Pig You highlighted the need to transform the systems for producing animal feed 

In order to make transformative change, we need to put strong motions in place to face challenges. Animal feed production is a core issue. The current process is devastating habitats, displacing animals and people, and destroying resources which are resulting in not only contributing to but speeding up climate change. 

Pig You confronted the hopelessness of factory farms 

International Multimedia Manager Emi Kondo went out and witnessed the devastating reality for factory-farmed animals. From seeing mothers birth piglets and not being able to comfort them properly, to seeing the hopeless look in their eyes, the images captured will help spread awareness across the world and empower people to make a compassionate change for the better. 

Image credits: Shutterstock

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