How to keep pets and dogs cool in heatwave

Tips for keeping pets cool in a heatwave



With temperatures set to be hot in the UK over the coming days, it's important to make sure your pets are as comfortable as possible.

Here are six tips for how to keep dogs and other pets cool during a heatwave:

1. When it comes to walking dogs in hot weather, avoid the middle of the day when it tends to be the hottest. If you need to take your dog out for exercise make sure to go early in the morning or head out as late as possible towards the evening when the temperature has dropped.

2. Never leave your pet in a parked car, even for a short time, as temperatures can soar quickly in there.

3. Ensure your pet has access to shade and fresh water at all times. You can put ice cubes in their bowl and even try making frozen treats, leaving them out for your pet on hot days. If out and about, ensure to take plenty of fresh water with you.

4. Provide damp towels or a cooling mat for them to lie on to cool off.

5. Keep an eye on pets, especially cats, during a heatwave to make sure they don't get locked in a hot greenhouse or shed.

Cat in shade under chair in summer heat

6. Just like people, pets can get sunburn, particularly those pale in colour - you can use a pet-safe sunscreen on exposed parts of your pet's skin to protect them.

If you think your pet is suffering from the heat:

  • Cool your pet down slowly using a hose, sprinkler or fan. Do not use ice cold water.
  • Contact your local vet

Don't have any pets? You can help local wildlife in a heatwave by leaving a bowl of water in your garden or on your driveway. According to The Wildlife Trust a shallow dish works best, as this allows wildlife to climb in and out again easily.

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