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Why is I'm A Celeb still using animals for entertainment?



I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! is a survival reality TV show where celebrities must live in a jungle without any comforts and compete against each other.

Nestled within the Australian jungle, contestants on the show face a series of challenges, some unfortunately involving live animals placed in situations that may compromise their well-being and safety.

Since its inaugural broadcast in 2002, the show has consistently sparked controversy due to its use of animals such as insects, reptiles, fish, rats, and spiders.

This year is unlikely to be any different, as animals face their fate of being crushed, consumed, confined to cramped spaces, and subjected to unnatural conditions. It's baffling that the show considers the cruel treatment of wild animals as acceptable entertainment for a broad TV audience.

To make things even more concerning, reports suggest that ITV paid a staggering £1.5 million to secure a sought-after contestant, prompting questions about the ethics of such a high price for participation.

After all, £1.5 million could make a great difference in the world of animal welfare… here are some examples of what we could do with that money:

➡️ Put pressure on world leaders and politicians to end the global wildlife trade and protect wild animals

➡️ Stop lions and other big cats being bred and exploited for profit

➡️ Fund vital work to help stop lions being farmed and sold for trophy hunting

➡️ Amplify calls for South Africa to permanently ban lion breeding for profit

➡️ Power our campaigns to end the lifelong torture and cruel treatment of elephants in the tourism industry

➡️ Maintain and refurbish bear sanctuaries for rescued bears that previously endured immense cruelty for their bile

➡️ Improve public awareness on the cruelty of dolphin entertainment

➡️ Put pressure on big travel operators like TUI to stop selling tickets to dolphin entertainment venues

➡️ Keep dolphins in the open ocean where they belong Establish more programmes like the ‘Wildlife Heritage Areas

➡️ Fund work with governments, food producers and shoppers to end factory farming

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