Two dolphins at the side of their small tank at Aqualand

How TUI Group is profiting from Barbie



This Barbie is not happy, smiling or having fun. He is one of the 3,000 dolphins being held captive to support a multibillion-dollar dolphin tourism industry.

This is because major travel operators like TUI are still promoting and selling tickets to dolphin entertainment venues and because so many people still do not realise how much these intelligent creatures suffer in captivity.

No wild animal should have to endure these conditions for our entertainment and you can help us put an end to this misery.

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Barbie is a male bottlenose dolphin born in 2015 to two dolphins that were taken from the wild in Cuba in 1995. He currently lives at a water park in Tenerife with 11 other dolphins, including his parents, facing life in tiny barren tanks with no way out, forever.

Captive dolphins performing in front of an audience at Aqualand in Tenerife

🐬 This Barbie does not have enough space. His tank will be 200,000 times smaller than his natural habitat would be.

🐬 This Barbie is not performing for fun. He will be performing in return for frozen fish.

🐬 This Barbie is not smiling. He is likely incredibly stressed from all the unnatural noises he is subjected to for hours on end.

🐬 This Barbie is a prisoner. He could live for more than 40 years, that is 40 years of living in captivity and never experiencing his true home – the ocean.

🐬 This Barbie is exploited. By TUI.

Does it disturb you that, despite all the above, TUI still promotes captive dolphin entertainment as innocent family fun?


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You can help create a future where these magnificent creatures are celebrated in their natural habitats, rather than exploited for profit. Together, we have the power to make a difference.

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