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The horrors behind wearing fur, skin and feathers



Fashion serves as a powerful channel for self-expression but sadly, many people remain unaware of the suffering and harsh cruelty associated with some brands.

Every year, countless wild animals face exploitation and the grim fate of being sacrificed for the gains of fashion labels that lag behind in embracing advanced and compassionate fashion alternatives.

Within the fur trade, for example, animals such as foxes and mink are forced into a life of captivity before they meet their end while crocodiles and various other reptiles face a horrific fate for the sake of obtaining "exotic skins". Majestic birds like ostriches are killed for both their feathers and hides.

With events like London Fashion Week 2023 happening, we've put together a list that shows the dark side of the fashion industry.

You can help

You can help by spreading the word and never buying products that are made from real fur, skin or feathers. There are plenty of faux-alternatives available where no animals were cruelly slaughtered after living their lives in the most terrible conditions. 

You can read our cruelty is out of fashion report for more information.

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