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How to help your dog stay calm during Bonfire Night



Fireworks season is just around the corner and while humans enjoy the colourful explosions, our canine companions can find themselves overwhelmed by fear and anxiety.

Helping your furry friend stay calm during fireworks can be a challenge, as many dogs get really scared by all the loud bangs and bright lights. They show their anxiety in different ways, like shaking, barking, or even trying to hide.

With the festive season just around the corner, we have collated a few tips that may ease your dog's anxiety:

ðŸĄ Create a safe space indoors

Set up a designated safe space ahead of time. This can be anywhere in your home but preferably an area that your dog knows well and feels comfortable in.

🐕 Time for play and walkies

Take your dog for a nice walk on the morning of the celebrations and play with them. This will make them tired and prepare them for an evening indoors. 

🚊 Close doors, curtains and windows 

Make sure your home is as soundproof as possible by closing doors and windows, and drawing curtains or closing shutters in your dog's safe space.

ðŸŽķ Play some calming music

Play some calming music to help mask the sounds of the fireworks. There are even pet relaxation playlists on YouTube, Spotify and other channels. Alternatively, you can put your favourite film or series on if you're not planning on joining the display.

ðŸĶī Provide distractions

Why not treat your dog to a special bone or toy to try and keep them distracted while the fireworks go off? Interactive toys, puzzles or stuffed kongs are a great way to keep your dog busy.

🔈 Desensitise your dog

In the weeks or months leading up to fireworks season, gradually expose your dog to recorded firework sounds at a very low volume and reward them for staying calm. Gradually increase the volume over time. Please check in with a local dog trainer or behaviourist beforehand.

🧘🏞‍♀ïļ Stay calm

Dogs will pick up on your nerves, so try and stay relaxed yourself, too. Talking to your dog in a reassuring way and petting them gently may help.

ðŸ‘ĐðŸū‍⚕ïļ Talk to your vet

If your dog shows signs of severe anxiety and is very sensitive to noise, please contact your vet. They may be able to suggest calming products or other solutions that may help your pet.

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