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Fur and the “mob wife aesthetic”



The "mob wife aesthetic" is the first major social media fashion trend of 2024 with over 50 million mentions on TikTok. Remember - fur is NEVER fashionable.

What is the “mob wife aesthetic” and what does it have to do with animals?! 

The mob wife aestheticfashion trend started gaining traction on TikTok in January this year (incidentally coinciding with the 25th anniversary of the TV show The Sopranos). As well as bold jewellery, contoured silhouettes, wild animal prints, dark sunglasses and designer handbags, a staple component of the “mob wife” look is a fur coat.  

Although genuine fur coats have previously been associated with luxury and glamour, the reality of fur production is anything but. Millions of animals including mink, foxes, chinchillas and raccoon dogs endure short, brutal lives before being slaughtered for their fur.  

A resurgence in fur? 

Worryingly, according to both CNN and The Evening Standard, this new fashion trend looks to be fuelling a resurgence of fur, particularly amongst younger generations, and sales of second-hand furs are apparently on the rise. 

Any product made from real fur is a product of unimaginable suffering. How old the item is – whether it’s vintage or new is irrelevant. If it’s made from the fur of a wild animal, it involved the suffering and death of many individual sentient creatures 

Wearing ‘vintage’ fur is still harmful as it perpetuates the idea that wild animals are commodities, a resource to be exploited for their body parts. Continued use of fur products of any kind risks driving demand for new fur. 

Say NO to fur 

Though millions of animals are still being killed for their fur, global fur production is in decline. More and more governments, designers, clothes brands and consumers are rejecting the use of fur in fashion.  

As recently as last December, the British Fashion Council announced that, from 2024 onwards, fur was now officially banned from all London Fashion Week events, with a fur-free requirement embedded into the application process for brands.  

Collectively, we need to keep saying no to using animal fur in any form. 

What about faux fur? 

Even buying faux fur isn’t a cruelty free guarantee. Previous investigations have found multiple instances of mislabelling of fur clothing and accessories in the UK where items labelled as faux in fact contain real fur from rabbits, foxes and raccoon dogs.  

Real fur is never fashionable 

While the “mob wife” aesthetic may be popular right now, who knows how long it will last before the next new look comes along? Either way, no fashion trend or item of clothing is worth animal suffering so whether you decide to explore your inner “mob wife” or not, let’s leave fur (and all wild animal products) out of our wardrobes.  

Fox on a fur farm

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