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Independent travel agents unite against dolphin cruelty



In collaboration with Kiwano Travel, we recently held an inspiring webinar that brought together independent travel agents passionate about responsible tourism.

The session delved into the complexities of wildlife tourism, showcasing how travel - when approached responsibly - can be a powerful force for good.

The voices of experience

Distinguished travel professionals, including Rebecca Woolford (Kiwano Travel), Marie Rowe (Marie Rowe Travel), Rachel Tredwell (Tredwell Travel), Annika Nickson (Nickson Travel), and Julie Breckon (Earthwise Travel), shared their insights on combating greenwashing and going beyond wildlife policies. Their collective experiences shed light on the challenges of navigating wildlife tourism and the pivotal role of travel agents in promoting ethical practices.

Unmasking the illusion

Katheryn Wise, our wildlife campaign manager here at World Animal Protection, exposed the myths surrounding captive dolphin entertainment. She discussed the significant role played by major travel brands in perpetuating the misleading image of cruel dolphin venues as innocent family fun.

A vision for responsible tourism

Renowned travel writer and sustainability expert, Holly Tuppen, introduced our exciting initiative called Wildlife Heritage Areas. Developed by World Animal Protection and World Cetacean Alliance, this global program identifies outstanding sites for wildlife tourism, emphasising a responsible and sustainable approach.

Taking action

Post-webinar, attendees were invited to sign an open letter addressed to TUI, urging the reconsideration of their policy regarding the sale of tickets to cruel dolphin attractions. The response has been nothing short of incredible. The letter, featuring signatures from 300 independent travel agents, has been sent to TUI UK & Ireland managing director Andrew Flintham.

Making waves

This collective call for change has gained momentum, with over 100,000 signatures from supporters, 30 anonymous messages from TUI staff, and thousands of comments from TUI customers demanding an end to the company's association with dolphin cruelty. The question now looms: Will TUI heed the voices of 300 industry professionals and over 100,000 concerned individuals?

As the wave of support continues to swell, it's clear that the time has come for TUI to listen and take meaningful action. Together, we have the power to reshape the narrative of wildlife tourism and contribute to making this the last generation of dolphins in captivity.

The call for change is resonating loudly – will TUI be a catalyst for a brighter, more ethical future in the travel industry?

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