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Planet vs Plastic


The battle between our planet and plastic pollution takes centre stage under the theme ‘Planet vs Plastics’ for this year’s Earth Day.

It is time we confronted the harsh reality of plastic pollution and its devastating effects on our environment 

Every year, a staggering 12 million tons of plastic make their way into the ocean. Of this amount, 9.5 million tons originate from land-based sources, while an additional 1.75 tons are directly discarded into the sea by the fishing and shipping industries. 

Wildlife is suffering greatly due to plastic pollution. Around 100,000 marine animals die because of ocean plastic ingestion or entanglement each year, and this is sadly only the tip of the iceberg.  

So, what are the positive things happening around plastic pollution and how can we, as individuals, play our part in the war against plastic?

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Here are some of the good things happening to address this pressing global crisis. 

Innovative technologies for clearing the seas of plastic: 

In recent years, a surge of ingenuity has swept across the environmental landscape, fuelled by a shared determination to combat plastic pollution in our oceans. Organisations like The Ocean Cleanup have introduced some groundbreaking technologies such as ocean cleanup arrays and autonomous drones, to rid our seas of plastic debris.  

 Some amazing products made from plastic waste: 

Indonesian not-for-profit Sungai Watch has made a chair using more than 20,000 plastic bags salvaged from Bali’s rivers. 

Iris van Herpen’s "Earthrise" consists of 19 exquisite gowns reflecting the delicate beauty of marine ecosystems through intricate layers and structural designs characteristic of the Dutch designer's style. 

Design Studio Doppelgänger have developed a bioplastic version of polystyrene foam that is made from the exoskeleton of mealworms and breaks down in soil in a couple of weeks. 

Supporting environmental initiatives on Earth Day and beyond

There are a lot of things we can do as individuals to limit plastic consumption and make a difference.

Whether it's joining a beach cleanup, going to your local plastic-free shop, speaking up for policy changes, or choosing eco-friendly brands, each of us can make a difference in the battle against plastic pollution to save animals and our planet. 

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