Animals need your protection

Across the world, animals suffer unthinkable cruelty - but you can help protect them from harm.

Your support helps end cruelty, pure and simple. Are you with us?


£3 a month could support the recovery of rescued bears in one of our sanctuaries


£6 a month could help support vital campaigning work to end the lifelong torture of elephants in the tourist trade


£8 a month could help fund our global campaign to end the cruelty of dolphin entertainment

Some animals are very young when they learn just how cruel people can be.

Baby bears are being taken from the wild, in some cases forced to watch their mother killed in front of them, to face a lifetime of torture, all in the name of ‘entertainment’. 

Young elephants are easier to "train" - so the torture begins when they're small. Beatings, starvation and sleep deprivation make sure their wild spirits are utterly broken, just so tourists can ride their backs on holiday.

Captive dolphins are separated from their mothers far too young, confined in tanks 200,000 times smaller than their natural home and deprived of food so they can be trained to entertain tourists.

But with your help, there's hope.

These are living, breathing creatures. They deserve so much better.

We're fighting cruelty wherever we find it - will you join us?



Your donation will help World Animal Protection to protect animals around the world from cruelty and suffering. 


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