Elephant riding in Thailand

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Will you help stop elephants being brutally abused and forced to perform?

Elephants giving a performance in front of a large crowd of tourists at a wildlife venue in Thailand

£10 could help us create elephant-friendly tourist attractions with local communities.

Elephants in water watched by World Animal Protection staff

£20 could help provide food and care for rescue elephants living in sanctuaries.

Wild Asian elephants in a national park in Sri Lanka

£30 could help fund vital research to get more elephants back in the wild where they belong.

Help stop elephants being cruelly exploited

Baby elephants are torn from their mothers and cruelly forced to work in the logging industry, perform for crowds or give exhausting tourist rides.

Elephants are put through a brutal training process. To crush their wild spirits, they’re chained up, beaten, starved and kept in isolation. Many are left with lifelong physical and mental trauma. 

When they become submissive enough, elephants are made to do stressful, backbreaking work day after day. Denied the chance to roam freely or spend time with other elephants, they suffer terribly. 

It’s an outrage that elephants are being so horrifically abused and exploited. But together, we can change things.

We’re determined to make tourist venues elephant-friendly and support sanctuaries where rescued elephants can live happy, healthy lives. Will you help? 

You can help protect elephants and end the abuse.

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Lotus’ story: A life-changing rescue

As a baby, Lotus was put through a brutal training process. When she grew bigger, she was forced to carry tourists on treks over steep, stony ground, and beaten to make her go faster. 

Lotus’ injuries became infected, making it painful to walk. When she became too sick to continue, she was abandoned at the side of a busy road. 

Luckily, Lotus was rescued. Today she’s thriving at an elephant sanctuary, where she spends all her time chatting to her two best friends. 

Donate now to give elephants like Lotus happy lives in peace and safety

We will use your donation where the need is greatest to protect animals, like those featured in this appeal, from cruelty and suffering.


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Your kindness will help protect animals worldwide, stop elephants being exploited and support elephant sanctuaries. We’re fighting cruelty wherever we find it – will you join us?

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