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Cows are not milk machines

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Factory farming brings misery and early death to millions of cows and calves. It’s time to make it stop.

£10 can help ensure that no new factory farms are built.

Calf at a dairy farm, Sri Lanka. Credit: Amy Jones / Moving Animals

£20 can help us promote humane and sustainable protein alternatives to dairy products.

£30 can help us influence laws and policies to overhaul global food systems.

Left to behave naturally, a dairy cow will suckle from their mother for up to a year, producing 1,000 litres of milk. She will forage on grass and live for 20 years. 

However, on a factory farm a dairy cow will have her calf torn from her hours after birth. If that calf is male, it will be shot dead; if female, born into a life of suffering. 

Calves normally suckle milk several times a day from their mother, but on factory farms they may only be fed twice a day, often with milk replacers rather than cow’s milk, which can lead to digestive disorders and ulcers. 

The mother cow is confined to poor, crowded conditions, with cold floors and loud noises. She is fed an unnatural diet to make her produce vast quantities of milk. On average, an intensively farmed cow produces 10,000 litres a year, but many produce up to 20,000 litres – 20 times the natural amount. 

At five years old, worn out and infertile, she will be slaughtered. There is nothing natural about the short and painful lives of factory-farmed dairy cows. Because they are treated like milking machines, not animals.  

Will you join us? Let’s be the generation that protects animals, people and the planet. Donate today and end the misery of dairy cows and calves for good.

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We’re fighting to expose the horrors of dairy farming and campaign for a food system with respect for animals at its heart. Help us fight against factory farming and give dairy cows a life worth living. Donate today and end the misery of dairy cows and calves for good.


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