Responsible tourism: alternatives to elephant cruelty

Right now, thousands of elephants around the world are suffering in the name of tourism - but it doesn’t have to be this way.

The best place to see elephants is in the wild. But if you are planning to visit an elephant venue, make sure it allows elephants to be elephants, while informing visitors of their complex needs.

ChangChill: better for elephants, better for tourism

A venue where elephants are free to behave like elephants

We spent several years helping one venue become truly elephant friendly. With our support, together with support from the TUI Care Foundation, and the encouragement from some of the world’s leading travel companies, Thailand's ChangChill is now a place where elephants can be elephants, and tourists can have the honour of witnessing that.

What's in a name?

A venue may call itself a sanctuary, rescue centre or retirement home for elephants, but don’t assume this means it’s higher welfare. Do your research before booking and use our guide below to avoid being misled.

We have created the following list of some venues we know are doing the right thing for elephants. 




You can find our full list of how elephant venues are performing here.

Elephants need your protection

Elephants need your protection

Across the world, elephants are secretly abused in the name of entertainment. Your support could help give suffering elephants a safe and happy life in a peaceful forest home

We want to end elephant abuse forever, and we have a plan. With trusted partners in the industry, we're working with tourist venues in Thailand to transform venues into destinations that are elephant-friendly, creating habitats for elephants to live happy and healthy lives.

Your support could make such a difference. Please can you help end an elephant's pain?