Success stories

Proving we can deliver animal protection all over the world.

In 2015 we established the Global Ghost Gear Initiative (GGGI), a cross-sectoral alliance committed to driving solutions to ghost gear in world oceans

With help from us and some leading travel companies, ChangChill in Thailand has become elephant friendly

Your support meant that we could help over 70,000 animals after devastating Typhoon Haiyan

We influenced one of the biggest social media sites to educate its users around the suffering to animals caused by wildlife selfies

Over 30,000 supporters called on Tesco Lotus to improve pig welfare in Thailand

We rescue suffering bears and bring them to our sanctuaries around the world

Thanks to our supporters, we've almost halved the number of bears being exploited for bear bile in Vietnam

Find out how we defeated plans for a US-style intensive dairy farm in the UK

How we secured the future of the London Metropolitan Police Wildlife Crime Unit

Campaign success stories

Thanks to the help and dedication of our supporters, World Animal Protection has many success stories that show how we change animals' lives for the better.

Our success stories help us inform governments around the world how to better protect animals – for example by proving that vaccinating dogs on a mass scale is the only way to combat rabies.

And they tell of the very real benefits to animals' lives – like the bears that are now living peacefully in sanctuaries after being rescued from cruelty. 

Rescued bears Hansel and Gretel now live in peace at the World Animal Protection-funded sanctuary in Romania

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