What plant-based ranges do UK supermarkets have?

Posted on 07/10/2021 by Charlotte Regan
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Did you know that nearly all of the UK’s major supermarket chains now offer their own dedicated plant-based ranges?

As a campaigning organisation, we often challenge the big supermarket brands to do better when it comes to improving and protecting the welfare of farmed animals. However, we also believe in celebrating the positive steps supermarkets take and this includes increasing the availability of tasty and affordable plant-based foods which makes it easier than ever for us to reduce our animal protein intake. 

To help you on your plant-based journey, we’ve put together a quick round up of the own-brand plant-based offerings from each of the major supermarkets and included a sneak peak at some of the amazing variety of meat and dairy free foods at your fingertips. 

Supermarket shelves full of veg

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M&S’s plant-based range is called Plant Kitchen. The latest additions to the range include battered Fishless Goujons, Korean-inspired Crispy BBQ wings and even Greek-style feta-esqe cubes! And for a sweet treat or dessert, there's vanilla marshmallows and chocolate and vanilla ice-cream cones. You can even bake your own biscuits at home with a salted caramel cookie dough. 



This September Waitrose launched its brand-new Plantlife and GoVeggie ranges featuring 36 meat-free products (24 of which are vegan). Some of the choices on offer include Crispy No Beef with Sweet Chilli Sauce, Thai Style No Fish Cakes, Moussaka and Mushroom Scallop Linguine, with more new products being introduced in October! 



The Co-op GRO range includes a variety of ready meals including Creamy Coconut Caulifower Curry, Chilli Con Nachos, and Teriyaki Mushroom Noodles, all of which cost the same as their meat and dairy equivalents. There’s also a range of ‘on-the-go’ options for lunch. 



Launched in the UK in August 2021, Lidl’s new Vemondo budget-friendly range features 17 new own-brand products including vegan fish fingers, vegan burgers, and dairy-free ice creams. Prices for the new range start from 99p to £2.50. 



If you are looking for plant-based options from Aldi, look no further than their Plant Menu range which includes a variety of burgers (as well as plant-based brioche buns), Sri Lankan Style Butternut Squash & Chickpea Curry Pie, BBQ jackfruit and Spicy Cauliflower Pizza, as well as freezer staples such as Fishless Fingers and No Chicken Nuggets. 



V Taste is Morrisons own line of plant-based foods, launched in 2018. V Taste has a range of ready meals to offer – including Vegetable Paella and Chilli Non Carne & Rice – as well as a handy range of own-brand dairy-free alternatives to coleslaw, cheese and mayonnaise. Dessert is also covered with Free From Vanilla Ice Cream, Scottish Shortbread and Oat and Raisin Cookies. 



Tesco has two plant-based ranges, Wicked Kitchen and Tesco Plant Chef, offering a variety of meat and dairy free meals and ingredients including Kickin’ Katsu Kievs, Spinach and Garlic Ravioli, and Sweet Potato & Chilli Mac, as well as a range of sweets and deserts including Belgian Chocolate and Raspberry Cake and Cookie Dough Ice Cream. 



Sainsbury’s Plant Pioneers range was launched in 2019 and now offers over 30 plant-based products. The range offers a variety of meat alternative ingredients and products, as well as ready-meals and snack foods including Smoky Jack Quarter Pounder Burgers, No Chicken Sweet & Sour with Tofu Fried Rice, and No Steak Bakes. You can even get no prawn toast and smoky ‘vacon’ rashers. 



Although Iceland doesn’t have its own brand of plant-based products, they offer a range of frozen vegan food from other well-known vegan or meat-free brands with meat-free alternatives to beef, chicken and pork, pizzas, sausages, meatballs and chorizo. There’s also an Iceland-own vegan party selection. 



Asda’s plant-based label is called Asda Plant Based and includes classics like Spaghetti Bolognese and Lentil Cottage Pie, as well as more adventurous dishes such as South Indian Style Curry and Thia Style Fishless Cakes. Asda also offer a nut roast kit with breadcrumbs, red spilt lentils and seasoning mix you can make at home. 


So, wherever you shop, you can find plant-based ingredients or meals in-store or online making it easier than ever to for us all to lower our meat and dairy intake, end factory farming and do something positive for animals and the planet. 

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