6 amazing big cats!

Posted on 01/02/2018 by Guest Blogger

The cat family is a rich and diverse collection of species, ranging from the domesticated house cat to the iconic lion.

By guest blogger Aaron Lax

Big cats are some of the most fascinating wild animals - so powerful and intimidating, yet so beautiful and at times endearing like a house cat. Here we explore some facts about these amazing animals.

A wild tiger is well camouflaged by the grass. Image: iStock. by Getty Images


Tigers are the largest of the cat family, which makes them the largest wild cat in the world! Adult tigers can weigh up to 363kg and measure up to 3.3 metres – nearly 11 feet!

A wild lion cub in the Kruger National Park in South Africa. Image: iStock. by Getty Images


Lions have proven themselves to be the leading brain boxes of the big cat kingdom, solving puzzles that other big cats can’t.

A 4 year old female Jaguar named Curubanda at the Las Pumas wildlife sanctuary, Costa Rica. Image: World Animal Protection


Jaguars are highly adaptable and can survive in a range of habitats. They prefer to be near water, such as a tropical rainforest or swamp, but can also be in found in forests or grasslands.

A brown and white lynx. Image: Mathias Appel


Lynxes are highly solitary creatures and are rarely seen. The Iberian Lynx is the world’s most endangered cat.

A serval in the Serengeti, Tanzania. Image: Chen Hu on Unsplash


The name ‘serval’ is derived from a Portuguese word meaning ‘wolf-deer’. Due to their striking appearance, these animals are sometimes called ‘the cat of spare parts’.

A cheetah mother and cub, Kenya. Photo: Emma Chapman/Scott Liffen


Cheetahs are famous for being the fastest land mammals on the planet, with a top speed of about 82mph. The black tear-shaped streaks on their face help to reflect the sun, aiding their vision when hunting.

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