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We protect the world's animals

From WSPA to World Animal Protection

As WSPA (World Society for the Protection of Animals) we’ve moved the world to protect animals for the last 30 years. Our name may have changed, but our work – and our determination to protect animals – remains the same.

We protect the world’s animals. We always have done, and we always will. But every day, in every country, millions of animals are suffering. And the more people who know about us, the more animals we can reach. That’s why we need our name to evolve. That’s why we need a name that is clearer, more distinct and more memorable. That’s why we are now World Animal Protection.

The benefits of changing our name

Our new name demonstrates who we are and what we stand for. It will help more people understand what we do and what we want to achieve. And it will encourage more people to support us in transforming animals’ lives.

Have we changed what we do?

Our name has changed, but the core purpose of our organisation remains the same. In fact, we believe the name change has made our purpose stronger. And the change doesn’t mean we’re forgetting our past, either. It will help us to protect our heritage, by ensuring we can keep transforming animals’ lives – as we have done for more than 50 years.

Our work with external organisations

We’ll continue to work closely with governments, the UN, businesses and other animal welfare organisations. And we’ll keep looking for new partners to help move the world to protect animals.

Our work around the globe

We'll continue to work from our five regional hubs, covering Africa, North and Latin America, Asia Pacific and Europe.

Why you don’t need to change a thing

There’s no need to change your direct debit, or any commitment to us in your Will, or your CAF vouchers. We’re still the same organisation, so payment will still reach us. And we’re still hugely grateful for every contribution our supporters make to our work. 

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