About us

We’re a global movement that’s changing the way the world works to end animal cruelty.

At World Animal Protection we move the world to protect animals. We’ve been doing it for more than 70 years. 

We’re the global voice for animals, respected for our knowledge and expertise. And we’re building a movement of millions of people determined to create a world free from animal cruelty and suffering. 

Together, we’re fighting to:
● make animal protection a priority around the world
● change mindsets to stop animals being treated as commodities
● show how the wellbeing of animals, people and the planet are all connected

Through our offices in 12 countries, in the UK and around the world, we influence the highest levels of government, challenge corporations, change minds and inspire others to join us.

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Why we exist

Animals are individuals with thoughts, feelings and unique personalities. Yet people around the world ruthlessly kill, abuse and exploit them. 

Animals in factory farms are raised and slaughtered in cramped, filthy conditions, and subjected to horrific treatment.

Wild animals are killed and traded for products, medicines and fashion, or locked up and used to entertain holidaymakers.

It’s a crisis on an alarming scale. At least 1.6 trillion wild animals and 80 billion farm animals are killed or suffer each year as a result of human activity. 

The cruelty animals are subjected to is shocking: 
● factory farmed pigs and chickens are kept in tiny cages trapped in their own waste
● Wildlife such as elephants, dolphins and big cats are held captive and made to perform for tourists – behind the scenes of popular and lucrative tourist activities, animals are taken from their mothers, their spirits broken, and they endure cruel and stressful ‘training’ to make them tolerate being ridden or touched
● mink, chinchillas and raccoon dogs are slaughtered for their fur

It’s not only animals that suffer. The companies that sell and abuse them harm humans too, driving climate change, environmental destruction and public health emergencies. 

But if enough of us take action, we can stop this crisis in its tracks. Together, we can challenge the status quo and change the way the world works to protect animals, people and the planet. 

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Our impact

Around the world, our work gives millions of animals better lives. 

By campaigning to end animal abuse and exploitation, and fighting for higher welfare standards, we’re showing the world there’s another way.

We push for change at every level, from warning governments about the horrifying impact of fishing waste on ocean animals, to helping tourists plan elephant-friendly holidays. 

In the last few years, our community has achieved incredible things, including: 
● persuading Expedia to stop promoting whale and dolphin shows
● the last reptile market held at Doncaster Racecourse, marking the end of a two-year campaign
● signing up Nando’s and KFC to higher chicken welfare standards

In the decade ahead, we have even bigger plans. By protecting animals and their habitats, we’ve got a vital role to play in solving the climate crisis, safeguarding our environment and preventing a public health disaster. 

Together, it’s in our power to create a new world for animals, and for all of us. World Animal Protection is leading the way. 

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