Providing a peaceful haven for bears rescued from lives of terrible cruelty.

Poached from their mother’s den as cubs, dragged through gruelling training and forced to fight trained attack dogs. Sadly, this means most bears we rescue are too traumatised to ever be returned to the wild. Can you help give bears at the sanctuary the healthy and happy lives they so deserve?

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Our vision is a world where animals are free of suffering. Together we can move the world for animals.

Have you got room for a rescue bear? You don’t need a big house. Just a big heart. Give a bear a forever home from just £1 a week.

Join our Weekly Lottery and you could scoop the £25,000 honeypot! You'll also be protecting bears and other animals in desperate need. 

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03 July 2018
We’ve made some real progress with our Change for Chicken campaign. Following our second meeting with KFC UK & Ireland, we have agreed to work together to improve the welfare of chickens in the company’s Western European supply chain and across the poultry industry.