Chickens crammed into a broiler farm in the UK

‎Cruel factory farming needs to stop now

Sign our petition to call on the government to stop greenlighting new factory farms and stop the expansion of existing factory farms in the UK

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Our work

We’re building a new world for animals by tackling the root causes of exploitation and abuse.


Our work

We’re fighting to end the abuse and exploitation of wild animals by raising awareness and inspiring people to campaign with us. Let's build a future where all animals live safely.


Our work

Factory farming is inflicting cruelty on billions of animals. Find out more on the devastating consequences – for animals, people and the planet – and how to help.

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A torn image showing elephants on the left and cows on the right

Tell your new MP to make a change for animals

A new UK government is in place, but the future of millions of animals is still at stake - will you stand up for them?

Chicken on a higher welfare farm looking straight at the camera

Leave a gift in your Will

Making a Will gives you peace of mind, knowing your money and possessions will be passed on to people and causes you care about. No matter how small or large the amount, your kind gift will help change the world for animals for decades to come.

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Our vision is a world where animals live free from cruelty and suffering. And they need our help.
That's why we're here.

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We’re a global movement that’s changing the way the world works to end animal cruelty. World Animal Protection has been moving the world to protect animals for more than 70 years. Join us today.

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World Animal Protection is a registered charity in the UK. We have offices in 12 countries and an international office in London to have the biggest impact for animals.

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We fight to give all animals good lives, from ending factory farming to ending the global wildlife trade. The more who join us, the more we can do. Are you in?

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What is the fastest animal on the planet? And what about the most trafficked? What's another name for a killer whale? Test your animal knowledge with our in-house quizzes. Good luck!

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You'll be giving animals a life worth living, and saving them from pain and misery. Good luck and thank you on behalf of all the animals you're helping.

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