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Dragged through streets, electrocuted, poisoned or even gassed. Cruel dog culls happen in a mistaken attempt to stop the spread of rabies. We can save them
The company behind the recently shut-down Tiger Temple tourist venue in Thailand, is trying to open a new attraction. Sign our petition and urge the Thai
Nobody knows when disasters will strike. That's why our disaster response teams need to be ready at a moment's notice. With your help, we can reach animal
Dear Expedia Group, for your shameless promotion of dolphin entertainment, you get my vote for the Cruelty Behind the Smile Award #FooledByASmile
Dolphin entertainment is animal cruelty. Sign up below to get a free World Animal Protection tote bag - let people know you believe dolphins are...
Don’t be fooled by a smile: companies like Expedia Group call confining dolphins against their will ‘entertainment’. We call it cruelty. Tell them to end it now
Sign up today and join a global community of people who are moving the world to protect animals.
Sign our letter demanding that the European Commission takes action to ensure protection of wild African elephants
The recognition of animal sentience in UK law: demand a #BetterDealForAnimals
We’re calling on Nando’s to improve the lives of chickens – join us in taking action!