Rapper Bamalam adds voice to our #RealCheekyNandos campaign


Bamalam, the London rapper, has produced a song aimed at Nando's, urging them to take action to improve the welfare of chickens.


He's keen to suppoort our #RealCheekyNandos campaign which is trying to get the fast food restaurant to commit to: 

  • Stop using fast-growing chicken breeds and instead switch to chickens which grow at a slower rate, to avoid catastrophic health issues and unnecessary pain

  • Introduce lower stocking densities to give chickens more space and room so they can behave more naturally

Nando's is renowned for its mythical Black Card that allows unlimited free dining to celebrities such as Ed Sheeran. As part of our campaign, we showed them the Red Card for the terrible way they treat their chickens. We also attended the Nando's Yard event in Shoreditch and related our concerns about their appalling animal welfare to their customers.


So far more than 10,000 people have signed our petition. Please click on the link below if you haven't signed already or if you have please share with friends and family. 

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