Horrific new footage reveals harrowing conditions at farms that supply Nando's


We’ve captured some undercover footage showing the horror that chickens endure on farms in Nando's supply chain

Content Note: footage contains very upsetting images of animal suffering.

Footage from World Animal Protection

This undercover footage reinforces our The Real Cheeky Nando’s Campaign and includes chickens which:

  • Have legs splayed beneath their bodies, a typical sign of skeletal and joint disorders known as dyschondroplasia 
  • Have ‘kinky back’, or spondylolisthesis, in which the backbone is severely damaged, pinching at the spinal cord which causes paralysis 
  • Are thrown into buckets after being killed because they are too sick, or growing too slowly 
  • Are kept in cramped conditions with little space to move, preventing them from behaving naturally 

The film showcases the harrowing conditions that fast-growing chickens endure.

16/12/2020 Update:

In 2019 we ran our #TheRealCheekyNandos petition demanding Nando’s commit to improve welfare on farms supplying their restaurants. Tens of thousands of supporters signed our petition.

In 2020, Nando's made a commitment to higher chicken welfare.