Elephants aren't tame. They're tortured.

Across the world, elephants are secretly abused in the name of entertainment. Your support could help give suffering elephants a safe and happy life in a peaceful forest home


£3 a month could help dig mud baths for elephants to wallow and play in


£6 a month could help support vital campaigning work to end the lifelong torture of elephants in the tourist trade


£8 could help tourist venues transform into habitats where elephants can be happy

Tortured for tourism

Many tourists are unaware that elephants performing tricks or giving rides have been stolen from the wild or bred in captivity. That calves have been torn from their mothers, isolated and left without food and water. Or that beatings and intense trauma break their wild spirit and terrify them into obedience.

Elephants are powerful, independent animals who are broken by 'the crush', a horrific training regime that brutalises them into submission at a very young age.

Holidays last weeks. Elephant torture can last for 70 years.


End elephant abuse forever

We want to end elephant abuse forever, and we have a plan. With trusted partners in the industry, we're working with tourist venues in Thailand to transform venues into destinations that are elephant-friendly, creating habitats for elephants to live happy and healthy lives. 

We hope these higher-welfare venues will wake tourists up to the abuse that's rife in other parts of the industry. And that this demand will in turn force many other venues to transform across the country.

But work on this pioneering project needs to start today. At peak holiday season, millions of tourists will arrive in Thailand, many searching for an elephant experience. Your support could help transform some tourist venues in time, ensuring elephants don't endure another season of suffering.

Your support could make such a difference. Please can you help end an elephant's pain?

Your donation will be used to support our ongoing work to protect animals around the world from cruelty and suffering, including elephants like these in Thailand.

Be part of the solution

We have been working with Happy Elephant Valley, now known as ChangChill, (meaning 'relaxed elephants' in Thai) to support their transition from a camp that previously allowed tourists to ride, hug and bathe elephants, to becoming a truly elephant-friendly venue.

With the support of World Animal Protection, and some of the world’s leading travel companies, ChangChill is hopefully the first of many elephant camps offering a better life for elephants and a unique experience for visitors.

You can find out more about elephant-friendly tourism in our simple guide.

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