The Pecking Order 2021

We've just launched our third global assessment and the 2021 results are shocking. Although there have been some improvements many brands show no ambition to improve standards, subjecting chickens to unnecessary suffering and cruelty. 

Nearly 50 billion chickens are factory farmed for their meat. These lively and curious animals are grown intensively in barren, dark, and overcrowded sheds or cages.  

Fast food companies are some of the biggest buyers of factory farmed chicken. Yet despite these farms mistreating animals, using up precious resources and even risking our health, too many brands keep buying from them.  

Together we can tell them there is no future for factory farming. 

Many brands show no ambition to improve standards

How the scores add up

The brands get points for what is in their policies, how quickly they plan to improve and how they are reporting on progress. Every brand is given a grade from failing up to very good.  

The pecking order 2021 – leader board

Find out who the winners and losers are in this year’s report and how each brand scored.

Grade: Leading (92%) 

KFC has come out on top in the UK with the best chicken welfare policy out of the big fast-food brands. Signing the Better Chicken Commitment and getting a plan in place to source their chicken from higher welfare farms solidified KFC's position.

The rest of the fast-food industry needs to step up to get factory farmed chicken off every menu.

Grade: Good (78%) 

Just missing the top spot, Nando’s needs to up how they report on to progress to join KFC in the top tier, but their chicken welfare policy is hitting spot as they have committed to stop buying from factory farms. 

Grade: Making Progress (70%) 

The best chicken doesn’t come from factory farms and Burger King have decreed that in their chicken welfare policy. Still, they have royally missed out on points from not reporting their progress and haven’t scored the top grades.

Grade: Making Progress (67%) 

Pizza Hut are getting a slice of the top four action with a policy that promises not to buy from factory farms. But zero marks as they are not reporting on how they are delivering on that promise.

Grade: Getting Started (38%) 

We are not “loving it” when it comes to McDonald’s refusing to commit to not buying from factory farms. Their animal welfare policies get a few marks that just keep them out of the bottom. Tell McDonald’s all their chicken needs to come from higher welfare farms. 

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Grade: Poor (17%)  

Their animal welfare UK policy scores them a few points but just across the channel Domino’s in France are making bigger commitments to stop buying from factory farms. Tell Domino’s UK to stop buying from factory farms.

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Grade: Very Poor (0%)  

Scoring zero points puts Starbucks in joint last place with Subway. Starbucks is promising to serve higher welfare chicken in the US but not in the UK. Tell Starbucks to get factory farm chicken off their UK menus.

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Grade: Very Poor (0%) 

Serving up a substandard policy and no points, Subway is at the bottom with Starbucks. Subway HQ in the US is promising to stop buying factory farmed chicken but not in the UK

Great news! Following the launch of the Pecking Order 2021 Subway have committed to raise the welfare of chickens across Europe.

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Fast food companies must change

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