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Posted on 18 March 2017
BLES rescues elephants from appalling cruelty. Now they need new facilities to help rehabilitate these incredible animals safely.
Posted on 05 December 2017
Our Wildlife Selfie Code campaign has successfully influenced one of the biggest social media sites to educate its users around the suffering wildlife selfies
Posted on 28 February 2014
We are delighted to celebrate the opening of our Romanian Bear Sanctuary, which provides a home to bears rescued from illegal captivity and cruelty.
Posted on 29 May 2018
Happy Elephant Care Valley in Chiang Mai is shifting away from cruelty and becoming an elephant-friendly attraction. Together with some of the world’s most
Posted on 04 October 2015
Thomas Cook Group, one of the leading travel companies around the world, is continuing to promote and sell cruel elephant rides. Sign our petition to put an
Posted on 15 June 2018
We’re proud to be working with Elephant Haven in the South of France, Europe’s first ever sanctuary for retired circus elephants
Posted on 10 August 2018
When we go on holiday it is often difficult to tell the difference between a genuine sanctuary and a venue that is exploiting wild animals and causing them
Posted on 24 March 2017
Beautiful Lotus, Wassana and Pang Dow show us the meaning of sisterhood
Posted on 21 March 2017
An elephant ride or animal show is still a holiday dream for many tourists travelling to Asia. But the reality is a nightmare of abuse for elephants trapped in