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Nobody knows when disasters will strike. That's why our disaster response teams need to be ready at a moment's notice. With your help, we can reach animal
Posted on 09 September 2014
For 50 years, we have worked throughout the world to protect animals caught in disasters. From Mexico to Indonesia, our disaster response team of highly
Hi, I'm Scott the Disaster Communications Manager for World Animal Protection. I'm on the ground managing communications for our disaster response team and
Posted on 08 September 2014
Over 80 captive wild bears in tourism hotspot Ha Long Bay in Vietnam are a step closer to freedom from the illegal bear bile tourism industry.
Posted on 14 March 2014
Our team returns to review the progress of the animals they helped at the site of a volcanic eruption in Indonesia.
When animals are buried in a mudslide, starving in the aftermath of a volcano or are at risk of drowning in floods, they need you to help save them. Please
Posted on 30 August 2019
With your support, we have responded to over 250 disasters and protected more than 8 million animals around the world.
We don't know when disaster will strike. But animals need food, water, shelter and medical care straight away when it does. A donation could help save their
Posted on 02 October 2018
We are helping around 20,000 animals (mainly cows, buffaloes and goats) that have been been left stranded and starving in the worst flooding to affect Kerala