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World Animal Protection works to end animal cruelty across the world. Join us: sign up and hear how you can help move the world for animals
Posted on 05 September 2019
We handed in the animal sentience petition that 100,000 of you signed calling on the government to recognise animal sentience - the fact that animals can feel
Sign up today and join a global community of people who are moving the world to protect animals.
Posted on 30 August 2019
With your support, we have responded to over 250 disasters and protected more than 8 million animals around the world.
Posted on 29 July 2019
Some of the world’s top zoos are abusing and forcing wild animals to endure appalling suffering as they irresponsibly and routinely exploit them for visitor
Posted on 30 August 2019
Thanks to your support, a landmark ruling at the international CITES conference means that baby elephants can no longer be taken from the wild in Zimbabwe and
Posted on 29 August 2019
Tesco Lotus announces they will stop sourcing pork from farms that keep mother pigs in cages
Posted on 23 August 2019
Separating the baby elephants from their herds and exporting them to other countries is barbaric. We must stop this cruel trade.