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Papumba: Save Marine Life At World Animal Protection, we are working to end animal cruelty and suffering all around the world. We’ve partnered with educational
Posted on 03 October 2019
We’re working with travel booking platform Airbnb to create a new animal welfare policy. The company will now also offer more than 1,000 animal-friendly
Posted on 02 October 2019
We’re thrilled about the travel site’s announcement. It’s a significant step towards making this the last generation of dolphins and whales in captivity for
Posted on 04 October 2019
International demand for Africa’s iconic wildlife is causing hundreds of thousands of animals immense suffering and putting their survival in jeopardy. Our
Posted on 25 September 2019
We’ve captured some undercover footage showing the horror that chickens endure on farms in Nando's supply chain
World Animal Protection works to end animal cruelty across the world. Join us: sign up and hear how you can help move the world for animals
Posted on 16 September 2019
We are excited to have helped ABTA get to a place where they can truly make a difference to elephants in tourism.
Hi, I’m Kathy Wise, the UK Campaigns Manager for Wildlife at World Animal Protection. I have volunteered for a number of UK and international wildlife NGOs and