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As a charity, we depend on donations. We are not able to refund any donation, but will consider refunds of duplicate donations made in error online.
Give As You Earn is a scheme for anyone who pays Income Tax in the UK. This means you can support animals tax-free and for less than the cost of a Direct Debit.
Want to run a race, take on a challenge or collect change? We have lots of fun and easy ways to raise money for the world's most vulnerable animals.
We are committed to respecting privacy, protecting data and using donations responsibly. Find out more about how our policies protect you.
Your support helps us protect animals from cruelty around the world. From the Phillipines to Vietnam and the UK, find out about the difference you've made to
Civet coffee gets sold as a luxury product but it causes huge suffering to civets in South East Asia. We’re campaigning to transform this industry. Will you
Our sanctuaries are a peaceful refuge for bears rescued from captivity. Please support our work to help bears today.
In partnership with the Bioresource Research Centre we aim to end bear exploitation. Help us tackle the bear bile industry to stop the cruel exploitation of
There are other ways to help animals other than fundraising. You could order wedding favours, remember a loved pet or give through your workplace.
Do you want to raise money for an animal charity? You can run a race, take on a challenge or collect change to raise money for animals in need around the world.