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Posted on 14 March 2014
Our team returns to review the progress of the animals they helped at the site of a volcanic eruption in Indonesia.
Posted on 13 January 2014
Marking four years since the catastrophic events that followed Haiti's magnitude 7.0 earthquake.
Posted on 10 April 2014
California bill for orcas in captivity: delayed pending further study
Posted on 05 June 2014
WSPA challenge Welsh Minister’s decision to build factory dairy farm.
Posted on 03 February 2014
Last chance to sign our e-petition to stop industrial dairy farm as WSPA calls for court hearing.
Posted on 01 July 2014
Two more female Asiatic black bears have been brought to live at the World Animal Protection-funded sanctuary in Pakistan.
Posted on 06 February 2014
The 'Commitment to Action' outlines how the Government intends to tackle the issue both internationally, and within our own borders.
Posted on 15 January 2014
Wildlife crime put firmly on London’s agenda with first ever city-wide seminar on the subject.
Posted on 13 May 2014
British MPs joined World Animal Protection on Tuesday 13 May for the launch of their new report on the Cayman Turtle Farm.
Posted on 12 June 2014
World Animal Protection has expressed its dismay that a controversial factory dairy farm application will go ahead.