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Hi, I'm Alyx Elliott the UK Head of Programmes and Campaigns at World Animal Protection. I have an academic background in animal, environmental and legal
Farm animals raised humanely are healthier – so we improve farm animal welfare and campaign to change the most intensive forms of farming.
We are pleased to announce that John O'Connor, chairman of the Welsh Federation of Sea Anglers, has won this year's Sea Change Champion Award. Sea Change
Posted on 07 April 2015
Thanks to your support, our disaster team is helping thousands of sick and injured animals suffering in the wake of Cyclone Pam in Vanuatu.
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When animals are buried in a mudslide, starving in the aftermath of a volcano or are at risk of drowning in floods, they need you to help save them. Please
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Talk to people about the issues animals face and let them know there are solutions. Speak for us and create a world where animal welfare matters and cruelty
Posted on 17 February 2015
Cyclone Chedza swept across Malawi at the end of 2014. The result was devastation for animals in Malawi.
Posted on 18 December 2014
In the wake of devastating volcanic eruptions, our disaster response team has carried out its assessment of Fogo island’s animals, providing care and treatment