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Posted on 30 July 2015
Cecil the lion's death at the hands of an American hunter was staggering. There is something you can do to stop animals being used for entertainment.
Bear dancing is a cruel spectacle, where bears who have been taken from the wild as cubs are forced to ‘dance’ on the streets, mainly used as a form of begging.
Posted on 20 July 2015
We join Royal couple and environmental organisations on Ocean Plastics Awareness Day to find solutions and raise awareness about marine litter and the impact
Posted on 08 July 2015
Our Investigations team have established a new and exciting partnership with Freeland to address the illegal wildlife trade in South East Asia.
Posted on 03 July 2015
The story behind our wildlife campaign began 13 years ago around a campfire in the Namibian desert talking to Blythe Loutit from Save the Rhino Trust
Hi, I’m Simon Pope, the Director of Rapid Response Campaigns for our European region. After studying Archaeology at University, I spent two years working in
Posted on 01 July 2015
After two major earthquakes devastated Nepal in April and May this year, we have been on the ground working with local authorities to protect animals and their
Posted on 26 June 2015
We partner with travel company World Expeditions in order to create a Code of Conduct that will protect animals from exploitation.
Posted on 18 June 2015
We warn of impact on marine wildlife as fishing litter crosses the Atlantic
Posted on 16 June 2015
From 4th – 11th June we ran our first ever Sea Change Week championing all the different ways supporters can move the world to protect marine animals from the