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Posted on 27 November 2018
85,000 signed our petition calling on supermarkets to take action on lost fishing nets and lines, known as Ghost Gear, and they have listened.
Posted on 07 November 2018
We’ve been crowned winners of the WTM World Responsible Tourism awards for our Wildlife. Not Entertainers global campaign to end wildlife used for cruel
Posted on 06 November 2018
A shockingly high number of the world’s travel trade associations are lagging in providing animal welfare guidelines to travel companies, our new research
Posted on 29 October 2018
Thanks to your support we have persuaded supermarkets Tesco and Lidl and the world’s biggest food company Nestlé, to act on lost fishing waste, also known as
Posted on 24 October 2018
Farm animals around the world are causing devastating damage to the environment by burping and farting out immense amounts of greenhouse gas. We must eat less
Posted on 16 October 2018
More than 500,000 people from 10 countries have signed our petition calling on KFC to give its chickens a life worth living. We’re in Louisville, Kentucky
Posted on 09 October 2018
Our disaster response team is on Sulawesi island working hard to help farm animals and pets survive. The magnitude 7.5 earthquake triggered a tsunami which
Posted on 02 October 2018
We are helping around 20,000 animals (mainly cows, buffaloes and goats) that have been been left stranded and starving in the worst flooding to affect Kerala
Posted on 25 September 2018
Harry Potter star Evanna Lynch and celebrity vet Pete Wedderburn are urging animal lovers to register for our Big Barking Bake Sale in October.
Posted on 21 September 2018
Our shocking report reveals a deadly trade of jaguar body parts being trafficked illegally from the South American country of Suriname. We urge the government