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Posted on 15 January 2020
The pecking order 2020 – which fast-food chains have improved and which ones are ranking lower than ever?
Posted on 25 September 2019
We’ve captured some undercover footage showing the horror that chickens endure on farms in Nando's supply chain
Posted on 07 August 2019
Lifted by our success in persuading KFC to give chickens a better life, we are urging Nando’s to follow suit.
Posted on 14 January 2019
Who gives a cluck about chicken welfare? These fast food giants surely don’t. Our international rating system shows you just how badly they’re failing.
Posted on 16 October 2018
More than 500,000 people from 10 countries have signed our petition calling on KFC to give its chickens a life worth living. We’re in Louisville, Kentucky