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Posted on 25 September 2019
We’ve captured some undercover footage showing the horror that chickens endure on farms in Nando's supply chain
Posted on 29 August 2019
Tesco Lotus announces they will stop sourcing pork from farms that keep mother pigs in cages
Posted on 12 July 2019
Following our petition calling on KFC to give chickens a better life, today KFC UK, Ireland, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands and Sweden has become the first
Posted on 13 June 2019
We bought shares in Tesco and went to its Annual General Meeting (AGM) to directly ask the Tesco Board, and its Chief Executive, when the 2,000 supermarkets
Posted on 13 December 2018
We are calling on all supermarkets to publish details of antibiotic use in their supply chains after our investigation found superbugs in pork products in
Posted on 24 October 2018
Farm animals around the world are causing devastating damage to the environment by burping and farting out immense amounts of greenhouse gas. We must eat less
Posted on 16 October 2018
More than 500,000 people from 10 countries have signed our petition calling on KFC to give its chickens a life worth living. We’re in Louisville, Kentucky
Posted on 23 February 2018
Despite some company improvements, farm animals are still suffering at the hands of global food brands. We urge all retailers to be inspired by new farm animal
Posted on 14 June 2017
Thanks to the fantastic work of campaigners across the country, Asda announced this week that it will be putting Free Range Dairy Farmer’s Milk in 258 more