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Posted on 13 January 2015
UK artist Katrina Slack creates sculptures from lost and abandoned fishing gear in support of the Sea Change campaign
Posted on 08 September 2014
Over 80 captive wild bears in tourism hotspot Ha Long Bay in Vietnam are a step closer to freedom from the illegal bear bile tourism industry.
Posted on 09 September 2014
For 50 years, we have worked throughout the world to protect animals caught in disasters. From Mexico to Indonesia, our disaster response team of highly
Posted on 12 February 2015
In May 2015 get involved with a local beach clean and help protect marine and local wildlife.
Posted on 29 August 2014
The Sustainable Agriculture Network (SAN) has banned coffee production from caged civets on its Indonesian farms.
Posted on 28 November 2019
When not done properly, taking selfies with wild animals can be cruel. Many people aren’t aware of the suffering their selfies can cause, so we’re supporting
Posted on 01 November 2019
Global travel company Expedia Group – which includes subsidiaries and ebookers – is profiting from a multibillion-dollar industry of dolphin cruelty.
Posted on 05 September 2019
Some of the world’s most iconic animals – such as jaguars, ocelots, tapirs, sloths, river dolphins, macaws, parrots, and anacondas – as well as pets, are at
Posted on 15 October 2019
The government announced in the Queen’s Speech that it will introduce legislation to recognise animal sentience - the fact that animals can feel pain and
Posted on 03 October 2019
We’re working with travel booking platform Airbnb to create a new animal welfare policy. The company will now also offer more than 1,000 animal-friendly