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Posted on 01 February 2018
The cat family is a rich and diverse collection of species, ranging from the domesticated house cat to the iconic lion.
Posted on 22 December 2017
Our research shows that when sloths are taken out of their natural habitat to be used in selfies, it causes them stress and anxiety and can shorten their
Posted on 21 December 2017
As Christmas approaches, you’ll often find reindeer at Santa’s grottos and fairs across the country. But what effect does this have on their welfare?
Posted on 24 November 2017
The UK Government has promised to preserve animal sentience in UK law after Brexit. Here's why this is so important.
Posted on 10 November 2017
Bears have captured the hearts of many over the years, etching their way into childhood memories of teddy companions and timeless characters such as Winnie the
Posted on 06 November 2017
Thanks to your generous support the horrific treatment endured by wild animals used for selfies in the Amazon tourist trade has been exposed by our ground-
Posted on 16 October 2017
Sloths are gentle creatures – their scientific name, Bradypus, means ‘slow feet’ in Greek. But many are being snatched from the wild for tourist selfies.
Posted on 21 March 2017
An elephant ride or animal show is still a holiday dream for many tourists travelling to Asia. But the reality is a nightmare of abuse for elephants trapped in
Posted on 28 November 2016
In 2015 the UK had an estimated 8.5 million pet dogs! Check out our 10 facts about dogs in celebration of man's best friend.
Posted on 14 November 2016
In this blog, Aaron Lax our comms volunteer, focusses on what you can do on an animal-friendly holiday.