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Posted on 08 January 2019
Britons consume twice as much protein as they need, eating an average of 80kg of meat and 10.2kg of cheese each year
Posted on 19 December 2018
Reading pig body language gives us an insight into their emotional lives, and reveals the depth of their suffering in factory farms
Posted on 07 December 2018
Pangolins are the world's most endangered animal you've never heard of. Learn more about these amazing, gentle creatures!
Posted on 16 November 2018
Max, a beloved resident of the supporter-funded bear sanctuary in Romania, has passed away peacefully after a short illness.
Posted on 17 September 2018
Sadly Chowti, one of our most courageous bears, has recently passed away. Here we remember a bear who found peace and happiness later in life at Balkasar.
Posted on 13 August 2018
We know elephants are suffering at tourist attractions. But our new research reveals that their trainers and keepers – known as mahouts – are losing out too
Posted on 10 August 2018
When we go on holiday it is often difficult to tell the difference between a genuine sanctuary and a venue that is exploiting wild animals and causing them
Posted on 26 April 2018
An ethical approach to eating meat can make a huge difference to your life and the lives of billions of factory-farmed animals
Posted on 29 March 2018
Wild animal tourist attractions are common globally and are popular hotspots for holiday goers looking to get close to animals.
Posted on 07 February 2018
Natural disasters like earthquakes cause terrible destruction – and animals are often the forgotten victims.