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Posted on 02 December 2019
The tourism industry has painted dolphins as smiling playmates. But what dangers does the captive dolphin industry pose to humans - and animals?
Posted on 25 November 2019
Grant lost his mum, but didn't lose hope: how Hillswick Wildlife Sanctuary rescued a young otter pup.
Posted on 11 November 2019
Africa is a treasure chest of biodiversity – but its wildlife is in great danger. Thankfully, African young leaders are calling for its urgent protection.
Posted on 11 November 2019
Confined to shallow and small tanks, exposed to deafening music and blistering sunshine - dolphins in captivity have nothing to smile about.
Posted on 08 November 2019
Droughts, floods, cyclones and even tsunamis regularly threaten the lives of the 140 million farm animals of India’s Tamil Nadu State.
Posted on 30 October 2019
As one of the most intensively farmed animals on the planet, pigs suffer from the moment they are born
Posted on 30 October 2019
Reunited twins Masha and Lora took their first ever steps into nature at Libearty Sanctuary, after a 43-hour journey from Ukraine.
Posted on 28 October 2019
Every year, thousands of pets in the UK suffer terrible stress from fireworks. Here's what you can do to keep them safe!
Posted on 18 October 2019
Thanks to your support the bears can now explore the new, luscious enclosures.