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Posted on 16 July 2019
The travel giant will stop all sales by 31 July 2019, setting an amazing example which we hope other travel companies will follow
Posted on 19 June 2019
With help from us and some leading travel companies, ChangChill – formerly Happy Elephant Valley – has become elephant-friendly and stopped visitors directly
Posted on 14 May 2019
Want to ride an elephant? What you may not know is that there is a cruel reality that exists behind the scenes. Explore the myths.
Posted on 08 March 2019
Don’t get taken for a ride on your next holiday!
Posted on 07 December 2018
Pangolins are the world's most endangered animal you've never heard of. Learn more about these amazing, gentle creatures!
Posted on 07 November 2018
We’ve been crowned winners of the WTM World Responsible Tourism awards for our Wildlife. Not Entertainers global campaign to end wildlife used for cruel
Posted on 06 November 2018
A shockingly high number of the world’s travel trade associations are lagging in providing animal welfare guidelines to travel companies, our new research
Posted on 05 September 2018
We now have over 200 travel companies that have committed to ending the sale of elephant rides and shows and many are now offering alternative cruelty-free
Posted on 13 August 2018
We know elephants are suffering at tourist attractions. But our new research reveals that their trainers and keepers – known as mahouts – are losing out too
Posted on 10 August 2018
When we go on holiday it is often difficult to tell the difference between a genuine sanctuary and a venue that is exploiting wild animals and causing them