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Posted on 18 October 2019
Thanks to your support the bears can now explore the new, luscious enclosures.
Posted on 16 November 2018
Max, a beloved resident of the supporter-funded bear sanctuary in Romania, has passed away peacefully after a short illness.
Posted on 17 September 2018
Sadly Chowti, one of our most courageous bears, has recently passed away. Here we remember a bear who found peace and happiness later in life at Balkasar.
Posted on 23 January 2018
We’re microchipping more bears in Vietnam, which will help end the awful practice of extracting bear bile for traditional medicine
Posted on 22 December 2017
Working with the Jane Goodall Institute of Nepal and Nepali police, we rescued two tortured sloth bears, Rangila and Sridevi, on Tuesday night (December 19).
Posted on 07 November 2017
No hugging, but animal lovers registering for our ‘volunteer with bears’ can spend three days with 97 rescued brown bears at the Libearty bear sanctuary from
Posted on 12 May 2015
With the help of your support, we fight to free bears from cruel captivity – either trapped behind bars in run-down zoos or exploited as attractions at tourist
Posted on 28 February 2014
We are delighted to celebrate the opening of our Romanian Bear Sanctuary, which provides a home to bears rescued from illegal captivity and cruelty.
Posted on 25 March 2014
Two more female Asiatic black bears have been surrendered by their owners and brought to the WSPA-funded sanctuary.
Posted on 01 July 2014
Two more female Asiatic black bears have been brought to live at the World Animal Protection-funded sanctuary in Pakistan.