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Posted on 09 January 2018
We’ve been working with local school children in a popular destination in the Amazon, to highlight the importance of sustainable tourism for wildlife
Posted on 22 December 2017
Working with the Jane Goodall Institute of Nepal and Nepali police, we rescued two tortured sloth bears, Rangila and Sridevi, on Tuesday night (December 19).
Posted on 14 December 2017
We know boats fishing illegally often lose or dump nets and other equipment – and it’s killing sea animals. Now it’s time for the world’s navies to become part
Posted on 05 December 2017
Our Wildlife Selfie Code campaign has successfully influenced one of the biggest social media sites to educate its users around the suffering wildlife selfies
Posted on 26 November 2017
A new report we have part-funded has found that crimes against wildlife are going unpunished, as figures are not being properly recorded and assessed.
Posted on 07 November 2017
No hugging, but animal lovers registering for our ‘volunteer with bears’ can spend three days with 97 rescued brown bears at the Libearty bear sanctuary from
Posted on 14 November 2016
In this blog, Aaron Lax our comms volunteer, focusses on what you can do on an animal-friendly holiday.
Posted on 29 October 2016
The news that Laos is phasing out tiger farms is exactly what is needed and is a positive step towards protecting tigers from the illegal trade in their body
Posted on 20 October 2016
The news that such a significant ban to prevent animal cruelty has been overturned is outrageous.
Posted on 18 October 2016
With our support, Germany's DRV publishes information to help steer tourists towards elephant-friendly alternatives