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Posted on 16 January 2020
We’re calling on a property developer to cancel plans for an alligator park on the Old Kent Road.
Posted on 23 December 2019
From saving animals from the fires of the Amazon to undercover work in Indonesia, your support has allowed us to do incredible work to move the world this year
Posted on 19 December 2019
We worked with Following Giants tourist venue, Thailand, to transition from a traditional trekking camp that offers rides to tourists, to a place where
Posted on 18 December 2019
It's wonderful to see the rescued bears display natural behaviours once again as they hibernate for the winter, in the safety of the sanctuary.
Posted on 17 December 2019
Change is coming for elephants and other animals exploited in the tourism industry.
Posted on 02 December 2019
The tourism industry has painted dolphins as smiling playmates. But what dangers does the captive dolphin industry pose to humans - and animals?
Posted on 11 November 2019
Africa is a treasure chest of biodiversity – but its wildlife is in great danger. Thankfully, African young leaders are calling for its urgent protection.
Posted on 11 November 2019
Confined to shallow and small tanks, exposed to deafening music and blistering sunshine - dolphins in captivity have nothing to smile about.
Posted on 01 November 2019
Global travel company Expedia Group – which includes subsidiaries and ebookers – is profiting from a multibillion-dollar industry of dolphin cruelty.
Posted on 30 October 2019
Reunited twins Masha and Lora took their first ever steps into nature at Libearty Sanctuary, after a 43-hour journey from Ukraine.