The REAL "Cheeky" Nando's

Over 35,000 people have signed our petition calling on Nando's to improve its chicken welfare - join us!

Nando’s is loved for its tasty PERi-PERi and cheeky banter. But in reality, it’s actually selling you chickens that grow so quickly they suffer terrible health problems during their short, miserable lives.

In our global ranking of fast-food companies, ‘The pecking order 2020’, Nando’s is given a disappointing rating of “Poor” in terms of chicken welfare for the second year in a row - and a new study has found that chickens bred to grow too big too quickly struggle to perch or even walk properly.

We're asking Nando's to commit to:

  • Stopping the use of fast-growing chickens and switch to slower growing breeds that grow at a more natural rate
  • Providing chickens with more space to move so they can behave more naturally

Every sign up to #TheRealCheekyNandos petition will help convince Nando’s to take action… which will be good news for the chickens, for you, and for all Nando’s customers.

Update: new footage reveals harrowing conditions for chickens in Nando's supply chain

25th September, 2019

As thousands of supporters have joined our calls for Nando's to make moves to improve chicken welfare in their supply chain, new footage has been released revealing harrowing conditions that fast-growing chickens endure. Please sign and share our #TheRealCheekyNandos petition demanding Nando’s commit to improve welfare on farms supplying their restaurants.

Content Note: footage contains very upsetting images of animal suffering.