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Collect loose change to help animals

Collecting loose change is one of the simplest ways you could raise money for animals. Take to the streets, keep a box at home or place one in a local business for us.

Street collections

Whether at a train station, a local supermarket or in town, street collections are a great way to raise money and awareness about animal suffering. They are also fun way to spend your time – either on your own or with friends.

Home collections

Collecting loose change in a World Animal Protection collection box is quick and easy. It’s amazing how spare pennies can add up. In fact, our supporters collected an incredible £10,000 in small change last year.

Collection boxes in shops

We are looking for someone like you, who loves animals, to place our collection boxes in local shops and businesses, to raise funds for us.

Just ask permission to place the box in their business – then pop back when you can to collect the donations.

Request a box

To get a collection box or tin, call Madge on 0800 316 9772 (8am-4pm) or complete our online form.

Collect your spare change in a World Animal Protection home collection box

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