Help animals caught in the devastating wake of Hurricane Irma

In the aftermath of the strongest Atlantic Hurricane in history, animals in the Caribbean need your help.

£15 will help treat the wounds of injured animals and protect them from disease
£20 will help feed and nourish starving animals
£48 will help protect animals from disease with life-saving vaccinations

Our emergency teams were on the ground within days of the hurricane, treating and caring for injured animals caught in its path. And now that the storm is over, we need as much help as we can get to help as many animals as we can.

Our Head of Disaster Communications, reporting from Barbuda Scott Cantin has said:  

“Dogs stay by ruined houses, waiting for a meal or attention that won't come. Some are friendly, while others bark and snap as we pass. Sheep, goats, horses and feral donkeys are everywhere."

We must act now. Your donation will help us:

  • Treat wounded and sick animals by providing emergency vet kits, which include dressings, medications and vaccines
  • Sustain the animal survivors of this disaster with life-saving feed
  • Protect livestock by providing vital nutrients

Please help us treat traumatised animals caught in this horrific disaster. Your donation could help transform the lives of animals across the Caribbean in so many other places animals need our help across the world.

Funds raised for this appeal will support animals affected by this disaster. If the funds raised exceed our needs, your gift will go to our on-going disaster management work.

Thank you so much for however you choose to help today.

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