Help end the abuse and exploitation of wild animals, so they’re free to thrive in their natural habitats.

Wildlife has the right to a wild life.

Around the world, wild animals are being ruthlessly exploited on an astonishing scale. At least 1.6 trillion wild animals are killed and made to suffer through people’s actions each year. 

They’re hunted down, trapped and farmed in captivity, all to be sold and abused for entertainment, medicine, fashion, pets and products. At the same time, wild animals’ habitats are being destroyed at an alarming rate. Many have been pushed to the brink of extinction. 

This is an animal welfare crisis. We must stop it, before it’s too late. 

A captive monkey is victim of wildlife tourism and pictured gripping the bars of its cage.
End cruel wildlife tourism and promote real responsible travel.
An African grey parrot
Stop wild animals being traded and kept as pets in people’s homes.
Convince world leaders to ban the horrific trade in wild animals.
fur free copenhagen fashion week
Tell the fashion industry to ban wild animal skin, fur and feathers.

Ending the abuse of wild animals

We’re fighting to end the abuse and exploitation of wild animals, and protect their homes and their lives. 

By raising awareness of the issues and inspiring people to campaign with us, we’re building a future where all wild animals live safely in abundant natural environments.

From 2021-30, we have three big goals: 

  • Disrupting cruel industries – we’ll show how commercial exploitation harms wildlife and challenge companies that profit from wild animal
  • Delivering better alternatives – we’ll find, support and promote animal-friendly products and humane, responsible wildlife experiences
  • Creating a New Deal – we’ll push governments to adopt a global package of laws, policies and practices to protect wildlife and habitats forever

The scale of the challenge is huge. But if we work together, we can change the way the world works for wild animals – for good. 

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