For World Elephant Day, Alesha Dixon urges tourists to protect wildlife

11 August 2017

Last night, singer, TV personality and animal lover, Alesha Dixon, joined our exclusive event with Intrepid Travel to speak out against elephant cruelty. She joined our Campaigns Manager Chiara Vitali and Intrepid’s Head of Industry Sales Andrew Turner to urge people to act responsibly when seeing wild animals on holiday.

Leading up to World Elephant Day on Saturday 12th August, the event featured advice on how to be an animal-friendly traveller, and how to take action for the thousands of elephants currently suffering for tourist entertainment.

Alesha Dixon described the cruelty she had witnessed at wildlife venues on our trip to Thailand earlier this year. She saw elephants chained and forced to give rides and perform in shows, as well as other wild animals including tigers and orangutans suffering in the name of tourist entertainment.

“Exploiting and abusing elephants or any other wild animal for tourist entertainment and profit is wrong on every level," Alesha said. "Something that all of us can do is to keep spreading awareness of the abuses associated with elephant rides and shows. There are so many ways to learn about and appreciate elephants without exploiting them or compromising their welfare.”

This event is part of our successful Wildlife Not Entertainers campaign, which has persuaded over 160 tour operators to stop selling elephant rides, and develop wider animal welfare policies.

Andrew Turner described how the tour operator was a pioneer in this movement, scrapping elephant rides from its itineraries in 2014. Since then Intrepid Travel and World Animal Protection have been working closely to fight against animal cruelty.

Alesha Dixon urged attendees to add their voice to our elephant-friendly pledge, which we’ll be using to demonstrate to the tourism industry that there is a demand for humane alternatives. Please click here to sign and share the pledge and together we can stamp of elephant cruelty in the name of tourist entertainment. 

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