What’s ‘The Whole Truth’ behind KFC’s glossy new ad?

05 September 2017

We’ve launched a bold response to KFC’s ‘The Whole Chicken’ advertising campaign to highlight the suffering of factory farmed chickens.

Have you seen the KFC TV and cinema advert that features a chicken strutting to rap music? In response to their ‘The Whole Chicken’ campaign, we want to tell the whole story about the suffering endured by factory farmed chickens and call for KFC to improve their welfare standards.

KFC’s campaign has caused controversy with its advert and a changing graffiti installation in London’s Shoreditch, which was designed to reflect the freshness of their chicken. We have taken over the same wall space with our bold counter campaign, asking customers to look beyond the hype and understand the reality for chickens on factory farms.

Our team were in Shoreditch to chat to passers by about the realities for factory farmed chickens

This is part of our Change for Chickens campaign which has been calling on KFC to improve its welfare standards around the world since 2016. Specifically, we are asking KFC to improve its welfare standards so that chickens are able to grow at a more natural rate and to have additional space to move freely.

“While the strutting chicken in KFC’s advert roams freely around, the fast food outlet has made no commitments to providing its chickens with more space,” said Ian Woodhurst, our UK Farming Campaign Manager. “In reality, these intelligent animals often endure significant suffering as a result of the extreme genetic selection that pushes them to reach slaughter weight in just six weeks. Industrially farmed chickens are raised in crowded, sheds, under physical stress that puts them at risk of suffering from lameness, heart and lung failure, the quality of these chickens’ lives are nothing to make a song and dance about.”

KFC’s campaign was accompanied by claims that they are “proud” of their chicken and “not afraid to show it”. They claim that their chickens “have safe, comfortable and clean living conditions, a healthy daily diet, and regular health and welfare checks.” But we think KFC customers have a right to know the whole story behind these claims.

As an iconic global brand, we think KFC should be taking the lead in providing their chickens with more space and using breeds that grow at a more natural rate.  These changes will make a huge improvement in the lives of millions of chickens on industrial farms, and will send a strong message to other fast food retailers that the tide is turning in favour of higher welfare meat.

Find out more about the campaign and sign our petition here.

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