We met KFC...

22 September 2017

Thanks to you, we have some great news about our Change for Chickens campaign.

Over 10,000 of you signed our petition calling on KFC to give their chickens more space and to use breeds that grow at a more natural rate. 

And after seeing our campaign, KFC agreed to meet us.  

Last week a team of our campaigners set off for KFC UK & Ireland’s headquarters. We described our concerns about chickens bred to grow too fast in overcrowded sheds. We explained how the improvements we are campaigning for can make a huge difference to the lives of millions of chickens. 

We are delighted that KFC UK&I has committed to working with us to look at how they can improve chicken welfare. We are planning a second meeting very soon.

We’d like to say a big thank you. This amazing development has come about because of your support. And although it’s just the beginning, we are now a step closer to making a real Change for Chickens. 

We’ll be providing you with further updates on the campaign as they happen.

Thank you!

Ian Woodhurst
Farming Campaigns Manager, World Animal Protection UK

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